DharmaFECT DUO Transfection Reagent

Optimized for use with 3′UTR GoClone and miRNA mimic co-transfection

  • Efficient: Co-transfect a miRNA mimic or inhibitor with a 3′UTR GoClone® reporter vector in a wide variety of cell lines
  • Optimized: Achieve best results by using with LightSwitch™ reporter vectors and miRNA products
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DharmaFECT DUO T-2010-01 0.2 mL $105
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DharmaFECT DUO T-2010-02 0.75 mL $285
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DharmaFECT DUO Product Insert

protocol Transfection Protocol for 3′UTR GoClone® constructs and miRNA Mimics
Co-transfection of 3′UTR GoClone® constructs with miRNA Mimic in Adherent Cells