LightSwitch™ Pathway Reporter Stable Cell Lines

SwitchGear now offers the largest collection of pathway reporter stable cell lines, all using the LightSwitch Reporter System!

Each LightSwitch Pathway Reporter Cell Line contains a stably integrated LightSwitch reporter construct with a human regulatory element that has been validated to drive expression of the optimized RenSP luciferase reporter gene, which delivers exceptional sensitivity and dynamic range when used with LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagents. This greatly simplifies the task of measuring the response of specific pathways to treatment with various compounds or growth conditions. Custom services are also available for creating custom reporter cell lines.

note All cell lines must be used with LightSwitch Assay Reagents.

Prod ID Product Name Pathway Cell Type  
D717678L Control2_HT1080 Housekeeping control HT1080 Add to Cart
C717678L Control2_HEPG2 Housekeeping control HEPG2 Add to Cart
D900030L BMP_HT1080 Bone morphogenesis HT1080 Add to Cart
D711010L SREBP_1_HT1080 Cholesterol HT1080 Add to Cart
C711010L SREBP_1_HEPG2 Cholesterol HEPG2 Add to Cart
C714555L AhR_2_HEPG2 Dioxin, Tox HEPG2 Add to Cart
D900015L GR_HT1080 Glucocorticoid HT1080 Add to Cart
D900017L HSF1_HT1080 Heat shock HT1080 Add to Cart