Sequence Variant Assay Services

Our sequence variant assay services allow you to understand the functional impact of sequence variation on promoter or 3´UTR activity. Many researchers have used this service to study the effects of naturally occurring sequence variation, while others have created specific mutations in motifs, transcription factor binding sites, or putative miRNA targets.

Our services include creating promoter or 3´UTR sequence variants in our LightSwitch reporter vectors and conducting transient reporter assays in living cells to quantify the effects of the sequence changes.

  • Utilize our unique resource of promoter and 3´UTR clones SwitchGear has a genome-wide collection of human promoter and 3´UTR luciferase reporter vectors using a novel reporter gene.
  • Leverage our expert services Let us efficiently perform site directed mutagenesis or custom variant cloning and screen hundreds of sequence variants with speed and accuracy.
  • Focus on data analysis instead of lab work Simply provide a list of at least 12 promoters or 3´UTRs and we will perform the mutagenesis and reporter assays in your cell line of choice.
  • Receive superior data SwitchGear has an extensive set of validated positive and negative promoter and 3´UTR reporter controls so that you can analyze your results with confidence.