Sequence Variant Assay Services

SwitchGear’s custom variant analysis service using the unique promoter and 3´UTR luciferase reporters from the LightSwitch Luciferase Assay System helped to establish a functional link between genomic sequence variants and their effect on gene expression.

Identification, Replication, and Functional Fine-Mapping of Expression Quantitative Trait Loci in Primary Human Liver Tissue.

Using SwitchGear Genomics Reporter Assays to Accelerate Your Research

Expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs), genomic regions associated with changes in gene expression, are important in understanding the potential link between genetic variants and disease. Researchers in this PLoS Genetics article sought to identify eQTLs associated with variation in gene expression in human liver tissue.

Their findings revealed that:

  • The eQTL associations were enriched near proximal promoters and 3´UTRs
  • Many of the eQTLs were mapped to a potential causative variant or haplotype, a number of which were functionally validated using SwitchGear’s LightSwitch Luciferase Assay System.