How To Order

You can use the SwitchGear shopping cart to place an order directly using a credit card, purchase order number, or you may use the shopping cart to generate a quote that you can submit to your purchasing department.

  • For all standard products that you would like to purchase, simply click the Add to Cart button on the website.
  • To place your order, confirm the items that you want to order in the 4 product categories:
    1. Individual GoClones
    2. Controls
    3. Validated Assays
    4. Reagents & Kits
  • Click the Continue button to move to the next product category.
  • After you have selected all of your products, click the Checkout or Generate Quote button.
  • Enter the following information:
    1. Delivery information
    2. Billing information
    3. Choose whether to ship all products together
    4. Choose your payment method or generate a quote
    5. Accept limited use license
    6. Click Review button to review your order
  • After you have reviewed your order, click Submit to place your order.

You may also submit orders by purchase order via:
Fax: 760-431-1263