Synthetic miRNA Target GoClone Reporters

Synthetic miRNA target GoClone Vector

SwitchGear now offers synthetic miRNA target GoClone luciferase reporters as a complement to our endogenous human 3′UTR GoClones. Each vector contains an optimized synthetic target consisting of sequence repeats that are fully complementary to a variety of human and human viral miRNAs cloned downstream of the RenSP reporter gene in the pLightSwitch_3UTR vector. The target region sequences are based on miRBase 16 annotations.

We also offer LightSwitch miRNA Mimics and Inhibitors, which are ideal for use with 3’UTR GoClone reporter constructs.

Find your miRNA target of interest by clicking on the appropriate list:

miR-1..99 | miR-100..199 | miR-200..299 | miR-300..399 | miR-400..499 | miR-500..599 | miR-600..699 | miR-700..999 | miR-1000..2300 | let-7 | CMV HIV1

note LightSwitch Assay Reagents should be used with all LightSwitch reporter constructs.