LightSwitch miRNA Target Validation System


  • Validating the 3’UTR targets of any miRNA
  • Understanding miRNA function in response to various stimuli
  • Validating computational predictions with experiments


  • Optimal performance: Novel RenSP luciferase technology allows you to measure promoter or 3’UTR activity with industry-leading sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Simple, quick, complete solution: Complete LightSwitch Luciferase Assay System enables easy transfection of luciferase reporter constructs and controls followed by detecting reporter signal with optimized LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagents
  • Comprehensive and verified: Choose from a human genome-wide collection of 30,000 transfection-ready sequence-verified promoter and 3'UTR reporter constructs. No cloning, DNA preparation, or reagent optimization is needed


  • Genome-wide collection of human 3’UTR reporter constructs (12,000 in stock)
  • Synthetic miRNA target reporters for every human miRNA (900 in stock)
  • Validated positive and negative control constructs
  • miRNA mimics and inhibitors
  • Empty 3’UTR reporter vectors for custom cloning
  • DharmaFECT Duo for co-transfection of 3’UTR reporter vector with miRNA mimic or inhibitor
  • Optimized LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagents
  • PLUS Full screening service to validate 3’UTR targets for any miRNA

MicroRNAs are key mediators of mRNA stability and translation efficiency.  These small RNAs often bind to complementary sequences in the 3’UTRs of target mRNAs resulting in increased mRNA degradation or repression of translation efficiency.  Reporter assays are a powerful technique for measuring the activity of 3’UTRs in living cells.  3’UTR GoClone Reporter Constructs are created by isolating a 3’UTR from the human genome and cloning it downstream of the constitutively expressed RenSP luciferase reporter gene on a plasmid.  Once this plasmid is transfected into a living cell, a change in regulation at the 3’UTR causes a change in reporter signal (light output).The SwitchGear Genomics 3’UTR GoClone Reporter Assays can be used to assess the impact of changes in cellular conditions, including changes in miRNA or siRNA activity.

SwitchGear Genomics provides a comprehensive solution for validating the targets of any miRNA with the highest degree of confidence. Our integrated system includes a unique genome-wide collection of human 3’UTR reporter constructs, synthetic miRNA target reporter constructs, a suite of control contructs, miRNA mimics and inhibitors, and highly- optimized luciferase assay reagents providing a fully integrated system for validating the 3’UTR targets of your miRNAs of interest.

Video Protocol: Co-transfection of 3′ UTR GoClones With miRNA Mimic in Adherent Cells
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