One simple assay to profile many different biological pathways

SwitchGear Genomics pathway biomarker GoClone™ reporters are
cost-effective, high-throughput tools for screening transcriptional
activation and repression of a number of key biological pathways. These
panels of promoter targets were selected from the SwitchGear Genomics
library of 18,000 optimized human reporters using motif analysis and
published functional genomics data sets. Our in-house scientists performed
pathway-specific inductions to create activity profiles across the sets of
constructs to deliver assay-ready profiling panels. Leverage our unique collection of 48 validated reporter vectors from 11 pathways: Tox/AhR, Androgen, CREB, Estrogen, Glucocorticoid, Heat Shock, Hypoxia, NFkB, STAT, SREBP, and p53.

Pathway Screening Service

A solution for:

  • Secondary screening, “Hits-to-lead”
  • Off-target analysis
  • Lead compound validation / optimization
  • Dose-response analysis


*Single simplified assay with multiple pathway readouts
*Fully validated pathway reporter assays
*Fully integrated LightSwitch Assay System™ – cells to data without
assay development
*Affordable and fast cell-based primary and secondary screening at
just cents per data point

Two flexible options for your research:

Outsource: take advantage of SwitchGear’s Pathway Profiling Service
Send us up to 1000 compounds, we send you data

Insource: implement our product kits for in-house screening
Fully-integrated kits are ready-to-screen, customizable assays