Androgen Receptor (AR) Pathway Products

Nuclear receptors, ligand-activated transcription factors, are critical for understanding gene regulation and the genomic events that lead to development, differentiation, and growth in an organism. Ligands for nuclear receptors (NRs) include a variety of small molecules such as steroids and fatty acids. Xenobiotics and various pharmaceutical agents also serve as NR ligands, illustrating the importance of NR-mediated toxicity screening.

SwitchGear Genomics offers comprehensive panels of cell-based reporter assays to evaluate NR-mediated transcriptional regulation. Using pathway-specific inductions, we have assembled collections of LightSwitch Promoter reporter constructs that have been experimentally validated to be well suited for study of the androgen receptor (AR), estrogen receptor (ER), and glucocorticoid receptor (GR).

Our assay-ready constructs allow you to measure the response of nuclear receptor proteins upon exposure to small molecules by rapidly and reliably measuring NR-mediated transcriptional activity.

Nuclear receptor functional assay workflow

Nuclear receptor functional assay workflow

1. Expose NR protein to small molecule. 2. Small molecule binds to ligand binding domain and activates the NR. 3. Activated NR binds to human promoter and activates or represses transcription. 4. Promoter activity is measured by luciferase reporter assay, enabling functional evaluation of the NR response to a small molecule.

SwitchGear Promoter Reporter Assay for Nuclear Receptors

Cell-based reporter assay
Expose each well to small molecule
Selected Promoter Targets of Specific Nuclear Receptors


1. Each well has a reporter construct for a different NR target promoter.

2. Light signal measures the NR-driven response for each human promoter.

3. Top responding promoters can be implemented in a routine screen.

The SwitchGear Advantage

The Power of the LightSwitch Luciferase Assay System for Nuclear Receptors

  • Quantitative: Measure nuclear receptor activity in response to stimuli using our novel RenSP luciferase technology to measure NR-mediated activity.
  • Simple, quick, complete solution: Perform your experiments today through simple transfection of our luciferase reporter constructs using LightSwitch optimized reagents. No cloning, DNA preparation, or reagent optimization is needed. No need for co-transfection of normalizing controls.
  • Comprehensive and verified: Choose from SwitchGear’s complete set of sequence verified and transfection ready NR targets.

SwitchGear Nuclear Receptor Panels

We offer the following assay-ready promoter reporters for known and predicted NR targets.

Transcription factor Number of constructs
Example target genes Known ligands
AR View PSA, ABCC4, SOCS2 Testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, 2-quinolones, phthalamides
ER View GAPDH, TFF1, CASP7 17-beta-estradiol, estrone, raloxifene, estriol, genistein
GR View SLC38A4, SDPR, SNTA1 Cortisol, dexamethasone, prednisone, RU486, cyproterone