Pathway Screening Products

See the activation of multiple pathways with a single assay


This heat map shows the inducible activity of 48 different reporter constructs (rows) in 15 different conditions (columns). The red boxes indicate promoters that are up-regulated in a certain condition whereas blue boxes indicate down-regulated promoters. The conditions used in these experiments are treatments with known inducers of different biological pathways. For example, DFO and 1% O2 are known inducers of the hypoxia pathway, and the hypoxia reporters are strongly induced in these conditions as expected. The heat map also shows pathways that are activated by multiple conditions. For example, PMA and TNFa both strongly activate the NFkB reporters. All experiments were performed in HT1080 cells, and the 48 reporters are a combination of endogenous human promoters and synthetic response elements cloned into LightSwitch vectors. For more details on experimental conditions see our Promoter Pathway Sets.