The LightSwitch™ 3´UTR Reporter GoClone® Collection

Our comprehensive collection contains more than 12,000 endogenous human 3′UTR reporter GoClone® constructs that are transfection-ready with no DNA preparation required. Our reporters contain a novel luciferase gene for industry-leading sensitivity.

The LightSwitch™ 3′UTR reporter GoClone® Collection includes transfection-ready luciferase reporter constructs utilizing the novel RenSP luciferase technology for over 12,000 human 3′UTRs and highly optimized LightSwitch reagents. Measure RNA stability, translation efficiency and the functional impact of miRNAs on a gene-by-gene basis. 


Measuring 3′UTR activity characterizes: 

  • The impact of the UTR in post-transcriptional gene regulation
  • The impact of a miRNA or siRNA on the regulation of transcript stability or translation efficiency
  • The effect of sequence variants on UTR function (see our Sequence Variant Assay Services)
smallgraphic-technicalnote High-throughput microRNA Target Screening: miR-122 Case Study
smallgraphic-poster High-throughput microRNA Target Screening: miR-122 Case Study

UTR Technology
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The SwitchGear Advantage 

  • Quantitative: Novel RenSP luciferase technology allows you measure miRNA, siRNA, and UTR impact on gene regulation with industry-leading sensitivity and dynamic range.
  • Simple, quick, and complete solution: Perform your experiments today through simple transfection of  UTR-luciferase constructs using optimized LightSwitch assay reagents. No cloning, DNA preparation, or reagent optimization is needed.
  • Functionally insightful: Learn about miRNA targets to verify computational predictions and supplement expression data with measurement of transcript regulation and translational efficiency.
  • Comprehensive and validated: Choose from Switchgear’s transfection-ready catalog of 12,000 sequence-verified UTR constructs.
  • Cost-effective: Understand the function of your favorite miRNAs in response to various stimuli.