miRNA Target Validation Service

Validate the targets of your favorite miRNAs

Accelerate your miRNA studies with SwitchGear’s miRNA target validation services

SwitchGear Genomics offers a full screening service to validate the 3’UTR targets of your miRNAs. Using our genome-wide collection of human 3’UTRs cloned into an optimized luciferase reporter vector, our in-house experts can validate the targets of your miRNAs of interest with our high-throughput cell-based assay.

Advantages of SwitchGear’s miRNA screening services:

  • Leverage our unique resource of 3’UTR clones SwitchGear has a genome-wide collection of  3’UTR luciferase reporter vectors.
  • Utilize our expertise Let us efficiently screen hundreds of potential miRNA targets with speed and accuracy.
  • Focus on data analysis instead of lab work Simply provide a list of at least 88 candidate target genes or your miRNAs of interest and we will validate the targets.
  • Receive superior data SwitchGear has an extensive set of validated positive and negative 3’UTR reporter controls so that you can analyze your results with confidence.